Care Home Services

We believe the Biodose system is the best option on the market for care homes. Owing to its unique design, it offers more benefits than any other monitored dosage system.

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Domiciliary Care

As part of our domiciliary care service, we order prescriptions, dispense medication into our special Biodose trays and deliver them to patients in their own homes.

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Healthcare Services

Our unique approach combines a caring attitude with real knowledge and understanding, which allows us to support the individuals we work with in a way that benefits patients.

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At Averroes Pharmacy, we are proud to be one of the largest providers of the Biodose system in the country. From our headquarters in Bradford, we provide medicine management services, to both private and NHS patients, locally in Yorkshire and Humberside as well as across the entire North of England and the Midlands.

We work with both private and NHS care homes, residential homes and domiciliary patients as well as private hospitals. Our services are designed to help the care sector simplify the medicine administration process, minimise the risk of medication error and meet care compliance standards. Safe and effective patient care is at the heart of everything we do, that’s why we choose to use the Biodose system.


The Biodose system is the only MDS (Monitored Dosage System) available that accommodates both liquid and solid medications, making it a truly unique medication management device. In a recent survey, Biodose was voted as ‘better’ or ‘much better’ than alternatives by 85% of respondents.

Biodose is a smart solution to the complex challenges of medicine management. Its intelligent design incorporates patient information, dose times and quantities on the packaging to help simplify the medicine administration process. All pods are colour coded, making it easy to distinguish between dosage times, and patient photo ID is displayed on the front of each tray to help minimise the risk of medication errors. Biodose also helps to reduce the risk of infection, as the packaging is coated with Biomaster, a substance that protects against MRSA. Since the unique design accommodates liquid medications, the need to repeatedly open and close the same medicine bottles is eliminated, thereby further reducing the risk of infection.

Reduces medication errors
Personalised packaging
Reduces infection risk
Increases round time efficiency